Category: Video


Cast: Fele Pastor, Maria Marin

Directed by: Manu Galipienso
Assitant Director: Fele Pastor
Director Photography: Manu Galipienso
Assitant Director Photography: Sergio Gisbert
Production: Juan García, José Miguel García, Celine García
Editor: Manu Galipienso
Making of: Manu Galipienso Navarro
Make up – Hair: Noelia Espinos, Celine Garcia, Annie Fabregon
Catering: Tap En Art, Paola González
Produced by: Oceánica Producciones

Thanks to:

Club KATAMARAN (Port Alicante), Ayuntamiento Verger, Vamasa Tecnial, Cristina Soler, Xavier Ballester,

Ángel Ballester, Pepe Jamir Ballester and all the people who have participated in this production